Conditions of adoption and rates...

The acquisition of a kitten should be a deliberate act.
We must be aware that this small ball of very cute hair will soon become great and you leave to live many years together !!
so be sure of your decision before adopting one of our "gnomes".

Kitten for the company: 
As its name suggests a kitten in the company is not intended to reproduce... But to live a life of Pasha, the dream of all cats!
It will be sterilized by us prior to his departure from the cattery, and can join his new family at the latest in its 3rd month...
The price of the sterilization of the kitten is included in the selling price.
A cat's company will not be able to reproduce, but this will not prevent him from attending cat shows to win different titles and to climb on the highest steps of the podium!
The price of the kitten's company is 1300€ to 1600€.

Kitten for conception: 
Our goal is not to find our kennel name to the four corners of the planet, we sell very little kittens in reproduction.
If, however, you come to crack on one of our kittens, do not hesitate to contact us... You need to necessarily have a kennel name, the certificate of capacity and of course share the same philosophy we husbandry (no exterior projection, and all the kittens for the company must be sterilized prior to departure...).
No kitten in reproduction will be sold to individuals.
The price of the kitten's reproduction is 1800€ to 2300€.

We leave the choice to the future owners of our cats to choose themselves the name, prior to the identification of the kitten (2 months).
Our Coon's are registered with LOOF, observe the letter of the year.

Kitten start...

The kitten will leave between 13 and 14 weeks...
To allow the necessary time to evolve with his mother, his brothers and sisters. The role of the mother is vital for good socialization and a good start in life!!

Our "gnome" leave the house:
Vaccinated against Typhus and Coryza (first + his recall).
Identified by microchip with his ID card.
With a health certificate issued by our veterinarian.
With his health record attesting primary vaccinations and boosters.
With a copy of the sales contract.
With a photocopy of DNA testing and pedigree of the parents.
With a Pedigree, if it is available, otherwise with the copy of the parents and the provisional registration number LOOF.

Your hairball also leave with her little bundle comprising:
An accompanying booklet Cattery of Greenfayleens.
A kitten kit (blanket, favorite toy, plush...)
A bag of dry food Royal Canin Maine Coon special.
Not to mention a good dose of hugs and love in his bag!!

Our kittens are raised with all our love, we hope that your "gnome" will bring you all the joy, happiness and affection that we have been sharing during these first months...

If you decide to trust me, now download the booking form, fill it out, sign it and return it by mail and your kitten will be reserved...

You are finally ready to live your own Coon Fairy!!


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